Chapter One: The Tooth Hurts

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Saucechips/ Sabi

“Remind me why I chose this profession” Khushi Kumari Gupta groaned, covering her face with the pillow she had been comfortably hugging all the while.

“Because,” Payal calmly replied “You have been assuming the role of a dentist in all our childhood games, because you are probably the only person who watched Colgate ads with that kind of unholy interest, and because you have spent an awful lot of time pursuing the degree so it would be a shame if it were all to go waste”.

“Psh. That is no reason” Khushi grumbled. “No one told me back then that it might require you to wake up at 8:00 in the morning.”

“That way no profession would be good enough for you”, Payal chuckled slipping her arm into the straps of her brown shoulder bag.

“You are right. I heard NASA apparently pays people for sleeping on space missions for…

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